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Anychart Flash Chart Component

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Take a look at the samples of charts, created by Anychart
2D Column Chart 3D Column Chart Line Chart Dot Chart
2D Column 3D Column Line Dot
Candlestick Chart 2D Pie Chart 3D Pie Chart 2D Doughnut Chart
Candlestick 2D Pie 3D Pie 2D Doughnut
Range 3D Column Chart Range 2D Column Chart Stacked 2D Column Chart Stacked 3D Column Chart
Range 3D Column Range 2D Column Stacked 2D Column Stacked 3D Column
Horizontal 2D Column Chart Horizontal 3D Column Chart Horizontal Range 2D Column Chart Horizontal Range 3D Column Chart
Horizontal 2D Column Horizontal 3D Column Horizontal Range 2D Column Horizontal Range 3D Column
Stacked Horizontal 3D Column Chart Stacked Horizontal 2D Column Inverse 2D Line Chart 2D Column and Line Chart
Stacked Horizontal 3D Column Stacked Horizontal 2D Column Inverse 2D Line Combination 2D Column and Line chart
  Deal Chart Line chart and time scale  
  Deal Time-scale line chart  
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